Collecting SSI For ADHD

Can ADHD sufferers receive SSI for ADHD? Yes, but disability benefits (Supplemental Security Income) are not as easy to obtain as they were a few years ago.

Back then, benefits were automatically granted, but that has since been eliminated via welfare reform.

Prior to welfare reform, conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were covered in the Social Security Administration's list of covered impairments.

Today, however, SSI for ADHD may be approved only if clear and documented evidence of marked functional deficits in at least two different areas are present more than a year, typically this refers to academic/employment and social functioning.

For children and adults, the process of applying for disability is similar. An individual's ADHD symptoms must result in significant impairment in terms of school performance or employment.

Certain restrictions apply and the disability amount awarded varies by state. There are often income limits placed on applicants.

For example, children or teenagers who received SSI for ADHD are not allowed to work jobs that pay over a certain amount of income, often $1,000 annually.

The Application Process

Contact the Social Security Administration's website in order to learn more information about applying for disability in your specific state. Often, you must schedule an appointment with your local SSA office in order to fill out paperwork.

Don't forget to bring any and all documentation that may help your case. This includes providing the SSA copies of all assessments, evaluations, doctor's reports, school reports, medical history, school history, medication history, etc.

Helpful Tip: The documented reports and evidence provided by a child's school go a long way in determining disability eligibility. Children who suffer from severe academic functioning and learning deficits generally have the greatest chance of receiving SSI benefits.

Eligibility: How SSI For ADHD Is Determined 

Once the paperwork is submitted, the DDS (Disability Determination Service) component of the SSA makes a decision weighted heavily toward the reports from the school and mental health professionals.

The DDS may require additional documentation before they make a decision if they feel the provided documentation is insufficient to make an eligibility determination.

If Your SSI Application Is Accepted

ssi for adhd

Families will receive written confirmation by mail detailing the specific disability and monthly payment. The specific disability award determination often depends on various factors including family income, severity of the disability, etc.

The time-frame in which benefits are approved and eventually paid out often depend on the process of each state. Some states are faster than others.

As far as how much each family receives, some states simply have more available money and resources, or are simply more generous, than others.

If Your Application Is Rejected

If your disability application is rejected, parents may request an appeal to have an independent review of the child's case within sixty days of receiving a notice of disability denial.

Families may request to be seen by an Administrative Law judge. In such cases, parents and children must attend a hearing. Each state is different regarding the specific appeal and review procedure, and the this appeal process can be lengthy.

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