The Effects Of ADHD

The effects of ADHD can hinder various areas of life including poor school and work performance, poor social relationships, marriage difficulties, an increased risk of mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

In addition, those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder generally suffer from overall negative health outcomes compared to the general population.

For example, in 2006 the Centers For Disease Control reported that children with a history of ADHD are almost 10 times as likely to have social difficulties in terms of maintaining friendships, more likely to suffer injuries and accidents, and more hospital and ER visits.

Furthermore, these ADHD effects can present a lifelong disadvantage with respect to future adult functioning.

In addition, teens and young adults are at a greater risk of car accidents, drinking and driving, and traffic infractions.

Effects On Adults

Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder run an increased risk of mental illness (particularly anxiety, depression, low self-esteem), poor social relationships, impulsive eating, spending, and gambling, and substance abuse disorders.

Adults that suffer from ADHD are also more likely to neglect overall medical care in terms of getting regular check-ups, remembering doctor appointments, and taking their medications regularly.

If you are an adult that suffers from ADHD, keep tabs on your use of drugs or alcohol. The risk is that you may be indulging too much in order to relax or "self-medicating" in order to treat your ADHD symptoms. This can occur consciously, but often happens unconsciously. 

effects of adhd

Effects On Employment

In addition, in terms of employment, adults with ADHD tend to experience financial stress and have more difficulties maintaining jobs due to increased challenges in meeting deadlines, following instructions, and maintaining a regular work routine. This likely results in increased overall stress and lower self-esteem.

In order to avoid these problems it is best to choose a profession that takes advantage of ADHD attributes. This can include a job that is not repetitive and does not involve routine tasks, a job that involves lots of outdoor stimulation, or one that requires quick decision-making on the fly, etc. See The List Of Best ADHD Jobs.

Effects Of ADHD On Marriage And Relationships

With respect to marriage and relationships, ADHD often puts a strain on marriage and relationships in terms of listening to their partner or spouse, household chores and organization, messiness, and excessive talkativeness or interrupting converstions, all of which are hallmarks of the condition.

A common complaint of spouses and partners of those with ADHD is that their ADHD partners are irresponsible or insensitive.

Therefore, if you are an adult that suffers from ADHD, it is best to find a partner that compliments your ADHD tendencies. Bad with money? Let your partner manage the finances. Do you tirelessly excel at certain tasks that your partner would rather not do? There is your opportunity to contribute to the team! 

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