Celexa Weight Changes

Does Celexa Cause Weight Loss Or Gain?

Celexa weight changes can be a complication and concern for anyone taking this prescription medication.

What Is Celexa?

Celexa is an antidepressant that is also used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other conditions.

Side effects of this medication can be either weight loss or weight gain, depending on how each individual responds.

The reason is that medications affect every individual differently based on numerous factors including age, sex, medical history, mental health history, medication history, etc.

Often the only way to know for sure is to observe how your body reacts to the medication over time.

Weight Loss

Clinical trials indicate that patients taking this medication may lose an average of one to two pounds when first taking it. In addition, research indicates that weight changes may be in proportion to the amount of the medication taken, with larger does affecting more weight changes.

Weight Gain

Although less common than weight loss, clinical trials indicate that up to 1 percent of those taking this medication may experience weight gain.The weight changes are not permanent, however, because after six to nine months most children and adolescents tend to regain or stabilize their weight.

Weight Changes In Children Versus Adults

Compared to adults, children taking Celexa are more likely to experience dramatic weight loss. For example, 7% of children taking this medication experience weight loss greater than 7 percent of their body weight. Similarly, approximately 2 percent of adolescents experience weight loss greater than 7 percent of their body weight.

How To Avoid Celexa Weight Gain

As a precaution, everyone taking taking this medication should monitor their weight regularly while taking this medication and report any weight changes to their doctor.

celexa weight

If the weight loss is too extreme, your doctor may adjust your dosage, medication times, or switch to a different medication. If you experience excessive weight gain, your doctor can prescribe a weight loss regimen.

As always, be safe and only take prescription medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Never give your prescription medications, particularly psychiatric medications, to others. Do not take any medication that was not specifically prescribed or intended for you.

Abruptly stopping this medication may result in withdrawal. Consult your doctor if you wish to discontinue your medication. Work with your doctor who can arrange to gradually reduce your dose under medical supervision rather than discontinuing it on your own.

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