How To Create A Calm Home For Those Suffering From ADHD

Use these helpful tips to create a calm home environment for your children suffering from ADHD.

* Paint rooms in soothing colors such as light blue and beige. Avoid bright, loud colors. Keep distracting patterns, posters, artwork and decorations to a minimum.

* Organize. Children who suffer from ADHD do not function well in a cluttered or unpredictable environment. Maintain a consistent homework schedule, keep school materials in the same place, take out school clothes and have them ready for the next morning.

* Try covering televisions and computer screens if they are distracting your child. Turn off distracting background music or television shows.

* Follow a routine with respect to wake up times, meal times, doing homework, and bed times. Try to schedule these activities at the same time each day. Changes in routine can agitate a child with ADHD.

* Designate a room or space in the house for relaxation or quiet time. Make sure it is away from high traffic or high activity areas. Fill this space with quiet activities such as reading books, coloring books, paints, jewelry making supplies, etc.

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* Encourage your child to go to this quiet space when they become agitated or bored. It should be considered a positive relaxation space, not a punishment.

* If your child is old enough to write or enjoys writing, journaling is an excellent way to help focus disorganized minds and also provides a good outlet for feelings.

Effective ADHD Treatments

If your child suffers from ADHD, there are many effective treatments. These include ADHD medications, ADD natural remedies, ADHD diet, ADHD behavior modification, and neurofeedback for ADHD.

In my clinical opinion as a doctor, and as the mother of a child with ADHD, the Total Focus Program is the best treatment resource available for families struggling with ADHD. Also, see this guide for how to calm hyperactive children.

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