How To Spot Attention Deficit Disorder Without Hyperactivity

Learning how to spot Attention Deficit Disorder without hyperactivity can be tricky. And many parents, teachers, and other caregivers do not understand that Attention Deficit can be diagnosed without displaying hyperactivity. 

But with a little knowledge anyone can learn how to recognize the telltale signs of ADHD without hyperactivity.  

Sure, we are all familiar with the stereotypical ADHD behaviors, usually involving children and teens bouncing off of the walls like the Energizer bunny. 

However, hyperactivity is just one of the three major symptomatic hallmarks of ADHD, along with inattention and impulsivity. 

The symptoms of inattention and impulsivity are often not as easily recognizable as hyperactivity, so it is important to be alert for the following symptoms.

Be Alert For These Symptoms...

Inattention is the inability to focus for prolonged periods, maintain attention, complete tasks (homework), becoming easily distracted, forgetfulness, and displaying challenges with respect to project planning/task planning/homework, etc.

Such kid receive poor grades and are often at risk of falling behind their peers academically. 

It's not that these children are unintelligent, rather they become easily bored and generally do not thrive in institutionalized public school settings.    

In this distinct subtype of Attention Deficit, such kids are generally not likely to be easily excited/hyperactive, but rather appear as daydreamers, often requiring constant prodding to complete homework and chores. 

Girls are more likely to have this subtype of ADHD, rather than the hyperactive subtype so commonly found in boys.

Impulsivity is the phenomenon of acting without fully considering the consequences of ones actions, which often leads those with ADHD to take greater risks than those without ADHD. 

This can include inappropriately blurting out answers to questions, difficulty waiting for his or her turn, interrupting conversations or activities/games, and engaging in risky behavior (playground stunts, or impulsive gambling/drinking in adults).

Why This Info Is Important

attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity

Because many parents and teachers do not realize that Attention Deficit Disorder without hyperactivity is possible, or mistakenly believe that ADHD only occurs in boys, a large number of struggling children remain undiagnosed and untreated. 

Kids who are acting out or disrupting class via hyperactivity will always get more attention than those who are simply struggling to complete homework. 

As a result, many kids with ADHD fall through the cracks, continuing to get poor grades, falling behind their peers academically, etc. 

All of this can have a negative long-term impact in terms of future success and adult outcomes. Children who fall through the cracks are more likely to struggle financially, have difficulty maintaining employment, and are at greater risk of substance abuse and incarceration.  

What We Can Do About Attention Deficit Disorder Without Hyperactivity

This is my call to all my readers eg. fellow parents of children with ADHD, concerned teachers, health advocates, mental health professionals; let's get the word out. Discuss this issue with your fellow parents, friends and peer groups. This will result in more and more suffering children getting the help they need. 

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