The Best ADHD Interventions

Effective ADHD Interventions

While there are no cures for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, otherwise known as ADD or ADHD, there are a number of ways that sufferers can manage even the most debilitating symptoms of the condition.

Often, managing ADHD is best done on multiple front, which typically includes medication and some form of behavior therapy.

Since every individual is different, there is a bit of experimentation involved in finding which treatment approaches work best for each individual.

Treatment For Kids

I have used ADHD Breakthrough with my son who suffers from ADHD, and with many of my patients and their families.

This is both a behavioral and educational program that includes everything parents and caregivers need to know about ADHD, and to teach caregivers how to manage difficult behaviors.

You will learn how to handle behavioral meltdowns like a pro with this program. This makes it a Godsend for parents.

Treatment For Adolescents And Adults

adhd interventions

A highly recommended treatment program for adults who suffer from ADHD is called 30 Days To Better Focus. What differentiates this program from all of the others is that it was created by someone who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It was developed by a young woman who, despite her challenges resulting from ADHD, graduated near the top of her class from a top university and started a successful business. (She achieved all of this at the same time in true multitasking, ADHD fashion!)

Perhaps what is most impressive about her story is that she did it all without the use of medication. She will inspire anyone who suffers from ADHD.

Other Treatment Options

adhd interventions

1. ADHD Medications. While medications are the most common among all of the ADHD interventions, they may not work for everyone due to the potential for adverse side effects. For those who can tolerate stimulant medications, however, they can be a great tool that enables sufferers to better focus.

Research indicates that ADHD medications are effective for over 70% of adults who take them. Meds can be used in conjunction with other ADHD treatments.

2. ADD Natural Remedies are a great alternative to those who cannot tolerate the adverse side effects of powerful stimulant-based ADHD medications such as Ritalin. These supplements are plant and herb based, and have been used in traditional and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. They include BrightSpark, Focus Formula For Children, and Focus Formula For Adults.

3. ADHD Coaching.

4. ADHD Behavior Modification.

5. ADHD Support Groups.

6. ADHD Diet.

7. Meditation For ADHD.

8. Neurofeedback for ADHD.

Conclusion About ADHD Interventions

As you can see, there are many potential effective treatments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The only trick is that there is often a learning curve regarding finding which treatments work best for each individual. However, once the most effective methods are discovered, ADHD sufferers are often able to live happy and successful lives.

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