ADHD In College

Top Tips To Achieve Success

Suffering from ADHD in college can present many challenges. Students often struggle with focusing during class, meeting deadlines, managing money, maintaining a schedule, planning projects, etc.

In addition, those with ADHD often suffer from poor peer relationships, so college dorms are often a challenging place to fit in for students with ADHD.

Most of these challenges are due to the fact that ADHD inhibits the brain's ability to manage executive functions. Deficient executive functioning makes it difficult to fulfill responsibilities.

If this includes you, do not despair. There are lots of methods you can use to help you succeed in college. Try these helpful tips…

How To Succeed In College With ADHD

1) Get organized. Clean your room. A cluttered desk often means a cluttered mind.

2) Write things down. This helps you keep track of assignments, class schedules, team practices, meetings, etc. Tape it to your forehead if it helps you keep track of important tasks. (I'm kidding, but you get the point.)

3) Be honest with your professors. Educate them about your challenges. They may be surprisingly understanding and make special accommodations.

4) Learn money management. This is difficult for most folks, not just folks with ADHD. Create and maintain a budget. Do not impulsively waste your laundry money or book money on less important things.

5) Find a buddy or study partner who can proofread your papers, quiz you, etc. Return the favor; this is mutually beneficial for both parties.

adhd in college

6) Take advantage of your school's free services. This may include tutoring, academic supports, support groups, and receiving ADHD treatment at the school health services.

7) Stick to a schedule. Have set times for studying, meals, laundry, etc. This helps you become more organized.

8) Try ADHD coaching. A coach is your own personal guide to help you get more organized, focused, and productive.

9) If stimulant medications do not work for you, there are a number of ADD natural remedies such as Focus Formula, BrightSpark, and Synaptol that do not have any side effects or risk of addiction.

10) Learn from others who succeeded. 30 Days To Better Focus is an inspirational how-to guide written by a college student with ADHD who learned how to overcome the condition, graduate with a high GPA from a top university, start her own successful business, and she did it all without the use of medications.

11) If you take ADHD medications, make sure you do not run out. Keep track of how many pills/tablets you have left before you find yourself in an emergency situation.

The Bottom Line About Conquering ADHD In College

Suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder while attending college can be challenging, but the above tips can be the difference between dropping out and graduating. The key is finding which approaches work best you, then consistently following them. Over time, successful habits are formed.

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