ADHD In Children

Symptoms And Treatment

ADHD in children can take many forms, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is usually classifed as inattentive or hyperactive-impulsive because it describes both primary behavioral aspects of the condition.

While many children with ADHD tend to display one category of symptoms over another, in most cases children tend to have some combination of symptoms.

Attention Deficit usually becomes apparent during school activities that require focus or mental effort and tends to appear prior to age 7. Symptoms can appear much earlier, however.

While the American Academy Of Pediatrics maintains that ADHD can be diagnosed in children by age 4, it is often diagnosed a bit later.

Inattention Symptoms

Inattention symptoms include challenges following instructions, challenges with school work, frequently misplacing things, losing things, daydreaming, appearing not to listen, forgetfulness, or simply not paying attention to details. ADHD children also report an inability to complete school assignments and can grow easily frustrated when asked to focus on tasks.

Hyperactive Symptoms

adhd in children

Hyperactive symptoms include any excessive verbal or physical activity such as running or climbing, inability to play quietly, inability to remain seated, excessive talking, lack of patience, and generally always on the go.

Impulsive Symptoms

The impulsive symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder include any thinking or acting without regard to consequences such as blurting out answers to questions, engaging in dangerous or risky activities, impatience, interrupting conversations, and similar behaviors.

ADHD In Boys Versus Girls

Childhood ADHD affects boys at three times the rate of girls, but it may be under-diagnosed in girls. In addition, boys are more likely to exhibit hyperactivity while girls are more likely to display symptoms of inattention.

Treatment For ADHD In Children

Treatment for ADHD typically includes mediation and some type of behavioral therapy. There are also excellent, and far less expensive, in-home programs that parents can try on their own.

The ADHD Breakthrough Program is the gold standard of at-home ADHD treatment programs. In my clinical opinion as a doctor, and as someone who has used this program with my son who suffers from ADHD, it is one of the most effective methods for treating ADHD in children.

It teaches parents and caregivers how to manage and eliminate difficult behaviors in any ADHD child.

Other Treatment Options

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