ADD Treatment By Dr. Emily Kensington

Safe, Effective ADHD Treatment For Children And Adults

Finding effective ADD treatment can be daunting, but it need not be. Speaking as a doctor who specializes in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and as the mother of a son with ADHD, I have seen numerous success stories. 

I've helped kids excel in school and lead bright futures never thought possible. I've seen adults reinvent themselves, find good jobs, and build happy, healthy social relationships.

The bottom line is you can thrive and become successful with ADHD

Anyone can learn how to do this, whether you are a parent looking to help your child with ADHD, or a teen or adult suffering from ADHD. 

I’ve found success with all of the ADHD treatments and behavioral programs listed below. They helped my son learn how to live well despite his challenges.

Focus Formula

Focus Formula was specifically formulated by a clinical psychologist to support and enhance concentration and attention, while promoting balanced mood and normal energy levels.

focus formula

It enhances and supports executive brain functions including information processing and memory. 

It also helps to reduce hyperactivity, promote calm, and help reduce mood swings. In a nutshell, Focus Formula helps those with ADHD maintain a healthy attention span and increase ones ability to stay on task. 

Its herbal formula contains a mix of super brain boosters like Gingko biloba, Gotu Kola, Skullcap, German chamomile, and more. They all encourage the flow of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the brain and improve mood.  

The good news is that unlike powerful stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall, Focus Formula is 100% safe and non-addictive which helps make it one of the most popular ADD natural remedies. For more information, see this review of Focus Formula.


BrightSpark calms hyperactive children with attention problems, improves concentration, balances mood, and reduces impulsive, attention-seeking and erratic behavior.


It is one of the popular and effective ADHD remedies made by Native Remedies, and it is especially helpful for those children who also suffer from a learning disorder. 

This makes BrightSpark unique compared to other natural remedies for ADHD. In addition, it is helpful in social environments such as school and family functions as it reduces behavioral challenges. 

It was specifically formulated by a clinical psychologist to relieve ADHD symptoms and is made of plants and herbs. 

It is a safe, non–addictive, and FDA approved ADD natural remedy. It acts quickly, has no negative side effects, no withdrawal, and comes in dissolvable tablets. 

For more information, see this review of Brightspark.


Synaptol is a homeopathic, plant-based medicine that is specially formulated to boost focus, memory, and attention.


It relieves symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder including poor concentration, impulsiveness, disorganization, hyperactivity, and inattention. 

This ADHD natural treatment is typically taken orally twice per day. It is non-addictive and the side effects are minimal. 

As a result, ADHD natural remedies such as Synaptol are better tolerated among patients with ADHD than amphetamine-based ADHD medications such as Ritalin. 

This makes it a preferred option for parents leery of over-medicating their children. It can be taken by children, adolescents and adults.

ADD Treatment Programs You Can Use At Home

Overcoming ADHD: A Guide For Parents

add treatment 3

Overcoming ADHD is a helpful program that was specifically created for parents of children suffering from ADHD. It teaches parents about ADD/ADHD, how to best help their children, natural treatment options, and perhaps most important: how to retain their sanity during the challenging process.

It comes with free bonus guides including inspirational stories about overcoming adversity, an extended interview with expert Carla Hannaford, a guide on how the brain learns and the importance of play, and more.

Bottom line:: It empowers parents to help their child overcome ADHD in a relaxed ("no need to panic or get overwhelmed") and easy-to-follow fashion.

ADD Treatment Guide For Adults

How To Conquer ADD

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Many people believe that ADHD only affects children, and this is not true. Attention Deficit is a chronic condition that lasts through adulthood affecting roughly 4.1% of US adults (13 million people).

The How To Conquer ADD/ADHD program is a self-help guide specially developed by an adult with ADHD. It is essentially a roadmap to recovery.

This program helps adult ADHD sufferers get organized, maintain a schedule, job, manage money, maintain household responsibilities, resolve relationship problems, raise children while suffering with ADHD, how to avoid substance abuse or other impulsive or addictive behaviors, etc.

The real benefit of this guide is that it provides the concrete skills to enable any adult with ADHD to become successful. The sections about getting organized, becoming more functional at work/home, and money management tips are particularly essential for adults with ADHD.

Other ADD Treatment Options

The most common treatment for ADHD is ADHD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall. While these medications can be effective from some, they are also powerful stimulants that have drawbacks including unpleasant side effects (nausea, headaches, insomnia), risk of tolerance and addiction, and they tend to lose their effectiveness over time. 

Since my son did not tolerate Ritalin and Adderall very well, I tried various ADD natural remedies. They are herbal supplements with no side effects, no risk of dependence, and he found them to be as effective as Ritalin and Adderall.

In addition, there are other methods that are often an important part of any ADD treatment plan. The ADHD diet, ADHD behavior modification, neurofeedback for ADHD, and adult ADHD coaching should be included in the list of the best ADHD treatments.

Enjoy ADD Treatment!
Sincerely, Dr. Emily Kensington